Dream of: 27 May 1989 (3) "Premonition Of Death"

I was standing and listening to a man and woman having an argument. The man was saying that he needed some kind of proof that he was drinking a cup of coffee. In his hand he was holding a white, Styrofoam cup of coffee. He was getting ready to go out to his truck, which he apparently was using to haul some furniture for the woman, but some kind of state regulation required that he drink coffee, and he needed to show a written receipt that he had drunk the coffee.

The woman argued that she didn't have time to make the receipt. She said she had stopped off to buy some doughnuts and had returned late, and now she didn't have time to make up the receipt. The man continued to argue that he needed the receipt.

I finally went out and got into the back of the truck, and the man soon followed. I heard him say that another truck had already gone in advance, that the other truck had had a wreck, and that two of the three people in the truck had been killed. The man was still carrying his cup of coffee, which he set down on the back of the truck where I was. He then got into the cab of the truck with two other men, and drove off without ever having received his receipt for the coffee.

After we had traveled down the highway a ways, I could see up ahead the scene where the other truck had wrecked. We drove closer to the scene where wreckage was strewn all about. On the side of the road lay a torn-up mattress which I concluded was part of the furniture being hauled on the truck.

As we got nearer and nearer, I saw how fast the other cars were speeding down the road, and I had a premonition that a couple people in our truck were going to die. When my truck finally stopped near the wreckage scene, I jumped out and began running down the side of road, trying to get away from it. All the while I was looking back at the traffic speeding down the road. Suddenly I saw a car swerve off the road toward me. I quickly ran into a gully partially filled with water beside the road. A second car likewise swerved off the road in my direction. As I tried to find a place to duck down, it seemed clear to me that someone was going to be killed here.

As one car approached me, I saw the bare foot of someone hanging out the window on the front passenger side. I imagined in my mind what it would be like if the car were to crash right here and the foot were to be cut off and fall on me.

Finally I found a safe place behind some concrete and I felt as if I had escaped harm, but I was still quite shook up as I pondered over what had just happened.

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