Dream of: 26 May 1989 "Guesses"

While I was sitting at a student's desk in a classroom which reminded me of high school, a teacher who seemed to be Marie Trowbridge (my tenth grade geometry teacher) gave me a test to take. The test at first appeared to be about mathematics, but also seemed to contain questions about electronics. The test appeared to be a final exam covering a whole year of work.

I definitely was unprepared to take the test. I worked for a long time on the first couple problems, but was unable to come up with an answer. Finally, I began wondering how long the test was going to last; at the top of the page was a notation indicating that the test would last five hours and go on for two days. I figured the notation meant that I would have to come back the following day to complete the test.

The person sitting across the row from me on my right appeared to be Clifford (a former male high school classmate); the person in the row across from me on my left appeared to be Kees (another former male high school classmate). Both were assiduously working on their tests and they appeared to know what they were doing. Since the answers to the questions were multiple choice, I thought I might be able to see the letters they wrote down for their answers, but when I tried to see, I could not see because both Clifford and Kees had their papers covered.

I wasn't particularly concerned by the fact that I wasn't going to do well on the test. I figured I was obviously going to fail, but it just didn't matter to me. I really didn't need this course, and it wouldn't make any difference if I failed.

Finally, the teacher stopped by my desk and handed me what appeared to be hand-written letters on five or six lined notebook papers. She said she had found them in my book. The teacher seemed friendly, as I took the letters from her and looked them over. It looked as if the letters were from Debi and Kirsch (former female junior high schoolmates), but I didn't have time at the moment to read them.

Finally, I realized it was almost time to hand in the test. However, I couldn't seem to find my test paper among the other papers on my desk. Quickly searching, I finally found the test and simply began writing letters from A to E in the blanks for answers. I heard the teacher say something about how we would be penalized for guessing the wrong answers. Nevertheless, I continued filling in the blanks with my guesses.

The preceeding is an actual dream included in my dream journal, and does not describe actual facts

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