Dream of: 24 May 1989 "Nude In Church"

I found myself in a church with perhaps seven or eight other men. Although the others were sitting on benches, I was lying face down on one bench. Oddly, I was completely nude. I remembered having come to this church several times before, and every time I had been nude. Nobody ever said anything to me about being nude, although being nude always made me feel a little uncomfortable. This time, however, a man stood up in front of everyone and denounced me for being nude. He said there must be something wrong with me for being that way.

I listened for a while, and then I abruptly got up and headed for the exit in the back of the room. I had decided to leave and never return again.

When I reached the exit, I realized that I was in the basement and that I had to ascend some stairs to leave. As I climbed the stairs, I heard voices upstairs and I realized there was a congregation in a service in the main part of the church. I didn't want to encounter anyone there.

When I reached the top of the stairs, however, I saw the stairs only led up to the ceiling. Next to these stairs was another set of stairs going up in the opposite direction. I was able to jump onto those stairs, and finally reach the upstairs and the front door.

I walked out the door. In front of the church I saw coming across the street a black man dressed in a gray suit. I knew he was the minister of the church. I now felt quite bad because I was nude, but I thought I needed to say something to him to explain why I was nude. Although I was now ashamed and felt bad about being nude, I knew I hadn't previously felt bad about it. What was more, I used to be able to fly when I was nude.

I now wanted to explain to him why I was nude, and I also wanted to demonstrate that I was able to fly. When I tried to rise into the air to fly, however, I realized I had lost my ability to fly. I could only rise a few meters into the air before I landed. I could almost physically feel the power to fly escaping me, and that made me feel bad. I was more ashamed than ever by my nudity.

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