Dream of: 23 May 1989 (2) "Caught By Magic"

For some reason, the police were looking for me. I took a car and fled on a road through the forest, finally arriving at a large building with many people. I walked into the building which contained only one room. There was an area in the center of the room where apparently a show was going to be held. Bleachers filled with people were set up around the center. Some pretty women in the center apparently were going to be part of the show. The first five or six women were holding a long colorful rope in their hands. The other women were also holding a similar rope, and it appeared that the women were going to rope off the central area. They intended to tie the ropes together, and when a woman from the first group grabbed the rope from the second group, the two ropes seemed to magically unite. I then realized the uniting of the ropes was part of the show.

The woman continued circling the central area until they reached the area where I was. Before I knew what was happening, one woman gave me a part of the rope, which was red, and asked me my name. I told her my name was "Steven." Suddenly the women on both sides of me pulled the rope so it fell from my hands. As if by magic, the rope formed into large letters spelling "Steven" for all the world to see.

I immediately realized I was in danger, because there were television cameras present, and some police might recognize me. In fact I saw two men who looked like policemen approaching me. I exited the building, but I realized it was already too late. I waited a moment until the men reached me, then raised my hands and gave up.

One policeman said he would have to put handcuffs on me and take me back inside. I asked him not to put the cuffs on me in front of so many people, and I promised I wouldn't try to escape. He finally agreed and we both walked back inside. I saw that one policeman had two or three handcuffs hanging from his shirt. I thought everyone was going to realize I had been arrested.

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