Dream of: 23 May 1989 "Robinson Crusoe"

I was lying at night in a bed in a house where my father was living. After a while, my old Portsmouth friend, Buckner, walked in and lay down in the bed beside me. I began talking, and I became interested when he mentioned that he had some marijuana joints. After I told him I would like to smoke one, he stood up and began looking for one. After he returned with four joints, he picked out the smallest one and lit it. We smoked it, and when we were finished, we lay back down.

Suddenly I saw a light under the door of the room, and I told Buckner my father had returned. Buckner said the light had been on before. I told him that was correct, but that I had turned off the light, and that someone had now turned it on again. Although I was afraid my father would smell the marijuana, I thought my father knew Buckner was there with me and I didn't think my father minded Buckner's being there. Finally the light below the door went out, and I concluded my father had gone to bed.

I wasn't sleepy, and I suggested to Buckner that we tell each other stories. I began thinking about a story, and at first I thought I would place the story sometime in the 1500s, but then I decided to put the story in the present time.

I thought the story would be about a man who had been in a boat and had been blown overboard by a storm. He found himself on an island. Perhaps he would find another man on the island, just like Robinson Crusoe and Friday. Maybe he would even find some marijuana on the island.

When I thought about it, it didn't seem as if it smoking marijuana would be bad if I were alone on an island. So why did I think it was bad to smoke marijuana?

Before I began telling the story, I saw that Buckner had apparently fallen asleep and was quietly snoring. It looked as if he had drunk quite a bit of alcohol before coming there. That didn't surprise me, because I knew he drank a lot.

I noticed his marijuana was in a little box, but it didn't look like marijuana. It looked like nuts. One nut had already been broken open and inside its shell was still some of the nut which Buckner hadn't eaten. I broke the shell more, took out the nut and ate it. I saw two or three other small pieces of nuts which I also ate. They tasted good.

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