Dream of: 19 May 1989 "Relationship To The Universe"

I was doing yoga exercises on the floor of a room in which my father and my mother were sitting on some chairs. My father (only about 25 years old) was slender and dressed in a white shirt and tie. I hadn't talked with him in quite a while, and I asked him what he was doing now. He told me he was now working in a factory which produced processed cheese.

I found the idea of working in a cheese factory disgusting. I myself had been trying to quit using any kind of animal products, because I felt that one of the world's worst problems at present was man's use of animals and animal products for food. That use was leading to the destruction of the world's natural resources in order to provide grazing land for cattle.

I vehemently asked my father if he considered his relationship to the universe when he made a decision to do that kind of work. He obviously became offended that I would challenge him in any way and he didn't say anything else. He picked up a newspaper, began reading it and ignored me. I realized his mind was closed and I simply wasn't going to be able to communicate with him about the subject.

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