Dream of: 17 May 1989 (2) "Secret Dream"

I was visiting Jon and Cathy, and Jon was talking about his alfalfa field being flooded by the rain from a recent storm. It appeared the crop might be lost.

After a while Cathy and I were left alone, and she was sitting next to me. I was completely naked, and I had poured some dry brown dog food all over my pubic area so my penis was completely covered. Cathy bent over and began eating the dog food piece by piece. I found the action erotic, and can I could tell that under the dog food I was beginning to have an erection. But I wondered if I should let Cathy continue.


I was sitting in front of my portable computer, typing up the events with Cathy, which I now realized had been a dream. Cathy walked into the room and I told her what I was doing. I also told her I didn't think either of us should tell Jon about the dream.

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