Dream of: 15 May 1989 "Intent To Kill"

I was in a car which my father was driving, traveling over hilly roads somewhere in a forested area. Finally we reached an area where the road was so steep that the car was having difficulty going up the hill, so I got out to push. As I was pushing, I noticed that the road had become perpendicular. In fact, it even appeared that the road was even more than perpendicular and that the car was leaning back toward me and about to fall over on me.

About the same time I became aware that another car was following us. Finally I made it past the steep part of the road and reached a level area, but before I could take off, the other car reached me, and some men got out. As the men approached me, I immediately perceived danger and quickly conclude that they were going to try to kill me.

Fortunately I had a small, black hand gun which I pointed at them. Finally I even fired the handgun at them, but I was unable to actually hit any of them. In fact, at one point water came out of the handgun making it look like a water pistol. The men kept advancing and it was clear that they did indeed intend to kill me.

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