Dream of: 06 May 1989 "Two Sins"

I had found a house in Columbus, Ohio, to move into. A man who was also living in the house showed me through the rooms and collected $300 for rent and $300 for a deposit from me. Another man had been living in the house, but he had moved out, so there was now room for me. However as the man was showing me the rooms, I noticed there was something strange about him, and I asked him if he had AIDS. He confessed that he did. That displeased me.

The man walked out and left me alone. I began thinking it would be a mistake for me to live here. Why did I find myself in situations like this so often? Was it because of the way I lived? If I had taken more time and searched more, I would have been able to find a healthy place to live. I had rented the first place I had found, and this was the result.

I took off all my clothes and sat down on the couch in the living room. I soon heard someone knocking at the door and I walked over to it naked. I opened the door a little until I could see a woman standing outside. It seemed erotic that she could see me naked, and I opened the door enough so she could see me. When I saw that she wanted to come in, I walked back to the sofa and lay down on my back on the couch as she walked in.

As she began doing some things in the room, I realized she must be a friend of the other fellow who lived here. I also began to realize how beautiful she was. She was probably in her mid 20s, was thin, and had black hair. She finally walked over to the couch and sat down on top of me with her crotch atop of my penis.

I enjoyed that, but I also began to fear that she might also have AIDS. I asked her if she had AIDS, and she said she did. I was immediately afraid, even though she was still clothed. I thought the AIDS germs might be able to pass through her clothes and into my penis.

She stood back up and told me she had come her to wash the dog of the man who lived here. Apparently she was a professional dog washer, and the other man was going to pay her $300 to wash his dog. but first she had to prepare something to use to wash the dog. She pulled out a rubber tire, cut it, and stuck some holes in it with something sharp, so that when she finished part of the tire stuck up into the air. She then spread the tire on a wooden stand, so it looked almost like a saddle. She said she was going to put the dog on top of the tire, with its right legs on one side and its left legs on the other side. Then she would wash the dog. I realized the stomach of the dog would be over the holes which she had punched, and that the parts of the tire which stuck up would scrape and clean the stomach of the dog. I thought if she could get $300 for that, she would be able to live from it for quite a while. Since she had AIDS she probably didn't worry about making much money, and only worked once in a while.

Another beautiful, black-haired woman arrived. I still wasn't clothed and I was sitting on the couch. Both women sat down on the couch, one on each side of me, and I put my arms around them. After talking with them for a while, I realized the second woman also had AIDS. They were so beautiful, however, I asked myself if I might be able to have sex with them if I used a condom, even though that seemed crazy to me.

Sitting here with my arms around the women, I felt like Faustus. They agreed. I thought in one scene of the Faustus story Faustus had his arms around two women, which represented two sins, but I couldn't remember exactly what the women symbolized.

I asked myself what the women did. If they told me they were prostitutes, what would I do? Would I denounce them to the authorities because they were infecting people with AIDS? I doubted I would denounce them.

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