Dream of: 05 May 1989 "Margarine On The Ceiling"

I was watching some black men playing a game which appeared to be backgammon. Some of the game's pieces looked like checkers made of red and white plastic. On one side of the board were some designs in the shape of large, black pyramids. The bases of the pyramids were on the side of the board, with their apexes rising toward the opposite side. The men put their checkers on the base of the pyramids and moved them toward the apex. When it was someone's turn, the person would move his checkers to the right to another pyramid. But sometimes they couldn't move for some reason. Although I had seen the game before, I didn't know how to play it.

Jon (who also looked like my second cousin Jeff) was also with the men. I thought he might be able to explain the game to me, and I asked him some questions. He tried to explain it to me, but I didn't understand him well. I asked him what the colors black and red signified. After he explained it to me, I concluded there was no difference and a person could use either color. I also wanted to know if a person could move a piece onto a space where there was already a piece. I concluded that was possible.

I finally asked if there were any written rules, and he told me there were. He said he thought they were written on the box of the game, but he didn't know where the box was. But he also said there were rules on the back of the board, and he turned it over for me to see. In the process the pieces from the board fell onto the table in a big pile. He didn't know where to put the pieces back on the board. The other men groaned.

Someone finally suggested that we all go to a small, nearby store for a rest. We all walked out onto the street and soon reached the store. Before we walked in, someone said we would buy some Coors beer inside. I hadn't drunk beer in a long time, and I really didn't want to drink any. But I thought I would probably drink one just to be sociable. I didn't want to offend anyone.

But after we entered the store, I saw that at least one of the black men was drinking an orange juice, and I decided to also just drink juice. For a moment I thought about drinking milk, but remembered I had decided to stop drinking milk. In front of me was a large refrigeration unit with a glass door so I could see inside. I saw many small bottles and cans of orange, apple and tomato juice. But they were all so small, and I wanted a big one.

I realized in my hand I was holding a small plastic container of margarine. I was uncertain whether I had picked it up in the store, or whether Jon had given it to me earlier. Somehow I managed to drop the container. But instead of landing on the floor, it landed on the ceiling. There were a bunch of holes in the ceiling and the container fell into one of the holes.

The woman running the store seemed concerned about what has happened. I knew I needed to get the container off the ceiling. But the ceiling was too high and I couldn't reach it. I finally turned to Jon, and asked him to give me a hand to put my foot in, so he could boost me up so I could reach the container. But he and the other black men shook their heads, murmured something, and walked out of the store without offering me any help.

I finally turned to the woman running the store and asked if she had anything I could stand on. Several chairs were in the room, but they all looked too fragile. The woman finally took me to a back room where I saw a table with several stronger chairs sitting around it. I took one of the chairs back to the main room and stood on it. At first it looked as if the chair was going to fall with me, but I was finally able to reach the ceiling. I grabbed the container and climbed down.

In the process, the container opened and some of the contents spilled out. It looked like grease the color of milk. I wasn't sure, but I thought Jon had given it to me. But I wasn't going to return it to Jon, and I simply threw it into the trash.

I was actually a bit unhappy with Jon. I decided to not go play with him and the others any more. I just wanted to distance myself from him. The woman in the store said something about Jon, and I told her he and I were both lawyers. She intimated that there weren't many people around there who liked him.

I also found some of my clothes in the store. I was unsure how my clothes got into the store, but I began picking them up. I thought I would be able to leave the store with my clothes, without even saying good-bye to Jon.

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