Dream of: 30 April 1989 "Spiders And Prayer"

reality can be destroyed as well as created

After I had climbed into a bathtub to take a bath, I noticed a black spider on a curtain above the tub. I ducked my head under the water, and when I came back up, the spider was no longer on the curtain. Finally I realized the spider was now on top of my head. When I grabbed the spider off my head with my hand, it bit me twice on the finger, until I finally let it fall into the water. I then plucked it out of the water and put it beside the tub.

A green praying mantis approached the spider and took the spider into its mouth. When the praying mantis began eating the spider, a black liquid was exuded from the spider, but the praying mantis proceeded to devour the spider anyway.

Dream Commentary 2012

Mysteriously the spider has brought me to a question of my beliefs and a realization that I should base my other beliefs upon one solid belief - that I am immortal. My immortality is my fundamental belief, even though I often do not feel immortal. I feel often as if I might die at any moment and as if my death would be the end of my life.

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