Dream of: 30 April 1989 "Attacking Dogs"

I was with my wife Carolina (whom I married on February 14, 1989) in her apartment. Another fellow named Don (about 20 years old) was also there. He had previously been in Carolina's apartment several times when I had been there. He was dressed mostly in white and even seemed to be wearing a white sweater.

When Carolina and I decided we wanted to go somewhere, it appeared that Don wanted to go with us. At first I thought I would let him accompany us, but when we were ready to leave, I told him I wanted to go alone with Carolina. He didn't say anything against that. So Carolina and I left together and he left alone. Carolina and I got into a car with me driving, and I drove off.

Carolina didn't appear to be as docile as she usually was, and she appeared to be more independent than usual. As I drove along, Carolina and I talked until I finally realized that she had had sex with Don. I was so astounded, I didn't know what to think. I was practically in shock. I began questioning her to figure out when the affair with Don had begun. I finally learned that she had gone out with him numerous times, and that practically every time she had had sex with him. I still didn't know exactly what to say. I asked her several times, "You fucked him? And you sucked him?"

Each time I asked, she answered yes. Finally she told me that the very first time that Don had come to her house, she had had sex with him. I finally realized that she might have contracted a venereal disease. I didn't think she had AIDS, but I did think she might have Herpes. She even mentioned that she had to take an examination to see if she had syphilis. This bothered me a great deal, and I told her that now I might also have Herpes. I thought I would be able to live with Herpes - I just hoped she didn't have AIDS.

She did indeed look somewhat pale. Finally I just stopped the car and grabbed her, almost choking her. I told her that Don was also going to have to have an examination. I said the bad thing was that, "I liked Don."

She mentioned that Don, like I, liked to write. I told her that at any rate, I really didn't have anything against Don and that I understood how such a thing could have happened. I wasn't even angry at him, but I didn't know what I was going to do in the future. I gathered from Carolina that she apparently liked the way Don had sex. She told me that when she had sex with me, her butt hurt. She also mentioned that I was more than 30 years old, while he was very young.

My dilemma at the moment was whether I was going to have sex with her again. I clearly still desired her, but I didn't think I should continue having sex with her, and now was my chance to stop. I could just give up sex. Even in this situation, however, I still wanted to have sex with her right then. I thought I might have sex with her just one more time.

We both got out of the car. We were in a remote place surrounded by trees with a river nearby. I picked Carolina up and put her over my right shoulder like a sack. After walking a few steps, I realized that the place was a bit dangerous, and that I needed to drive the car a ways more. I turned around and headed back to the car, but just when I had almost reached the car, a small black dog jumped out of some bushes. I set Carolina down on the ground and told her not to be afraid because the dog was small.

Suddenly I saw many dogs around the car and I told Carolina to hurry up and get in the car. She hurried toward the passenger side of the car while I headed toward the driver's side. When I had almost reached the car, I began trying to get the keys out of my pocket. But suddenly a large dog almost a meter tall was standing in front of me. I realized the dogs were going to try to attack Carolina and me. I saw that some dogs had already begun to surround Carolina and that perhaps 10 dogs had already surrounded me.

The large dog in front of me placed its mouth over my hand. It didn't bite me, but it was going to make it difficult for me to be able to open the door. Suddenly I realized the dogs around Carolina on the other side of the car were putting her in danger.

I could see some mobile homes nearby, and some men outside the mobile homes. I hoped the men would realize the dogs were attacking us and would come to help us. One man had a rifle.

Suddenly a group of soldiers ran up to the trailers. It appeared they were going to get some guns to shoot the dogs. But suddenly the dogs began attacking me and I screamed, "Help! Help! Help!"

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