Dream of: 29 April 1989 "Tractor Mishap"

I was in a car with seven or eight other young people in a green field, and we were trying to escape from something. Although it was night, there was enough light for me to see many white birds in the field. Most birds were small, but some were actually larger than men. The large birds were very strange looking. In shape they somewhat resembled penguins, but they had long, skinny necks which bent over so their heads were hanging at their side.

As we continued along, I also noticed in the field a gray squirrel about twice the normal size.

We arrived at a place where a large green tractor was harvesting the field, even though it was very late at night. The fellow driving the car I was in went so close to the tractor that the tractor was just about to run over us. Suddenly the tractor fell over on our car, trapping us. It looked as if one of the tires of the tractor was going to smash us. Somehow I managed to escape from the car, leaving the others inside, with the tractor just about to smash them. I grabbed the car and managed to pull it out from under the tractor.

Meanwhile the man (dressed in what appeared to be a plastic, blue jump suit) who was driving the tractor fell from the tractor and was just about to be crushed by the tractor. I grabbed him and pulled him out of danger also. I had to think quickly because everything was happening so quickly.

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