Dream of: 28 April 1989 "Radio Law"

I was in the 191st District Court in Dallas, in which I was going to have a trial. One case was ahead of me, so my case would probably not begin until later in the day, or possibly the following day. I asked someone what kind of case was ahead of mine, and the person said it was a case of "revocation." I immediately concluded that someone had tried to revoke a contract. I figured that case wouldn't take much time.

I walked out of the courthouse and boarded a bus. I traveled through a part of the city with new buildings, most of which looked like apartment buildings. Finally the bus stopped and Louise boarded. I was unsure whether she had seen me; she sat down two seats in front of me with her back to me. I kept looking at her until finally, when she turned her head slightly in my direction, I said, "Hello, Louise."

At first it looked as if she weren't going to say anything to me; but then she did speak, and I began talking with her. I told her I was involved in a court case in which there was going to be a jury. I told her I had already had two jury trials, and that I had won both. I asked her if she had had any jury trials, and she said no, especially not now that she was studying "radio law." Talking with her further, I learned she was in a school in which she took classes on Fridays in radio law. A woman sitting near me also said something about radio law.

The bus stopped and Louise rose to get off. I quickly asked her if she would like to eat with me later in the day. As she stepped off the bus, she said yes. But as the bus pulled out, I realized I hadn't said where and when we would meet. I hollered out the window, "Where? When?"

She hollered back that we should meet at two o'clock in that corner. I thought I would be able to return to that corner at two o'clock to meet her.

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