Dream of: 27 April 1989 (2) "The Worst Prison"

I awoke, looked around and saw that I was in a house, probably on the second floor. Looking out the window, I saw a woman wearing sunglasses in the street outside. On the other side of the street was a field where people were playing ball. Looking farther, I realized it looked like hundreds of people were gathered around the house looking up at me, and most were wearing sunglasses. Somehow I realized the people were police and that they were going to try to arrest me.

Also sleeping in the room with me was a woman, and a man who was leader of a group of outlaws of which I was a part. The leader had already escaped several times from the police, but I quickly decided we weren't going to be able to escape this time. The other two woke up and I told them what I thought. The woman and I then walked over to the window and raised our hands over our heads to show the people outside that we were going to give ourselves up. It then appeared that the people outside were going to come into the house and that we would be able to give ourselves up to them.

Somehow it then appeared that we were actually in a car here in the room on the second floor. The leader was in the drivers' seat, and he turned the car on. He began driving and we immediately found ourselves outside in the yard of the house. Just as he began driving rapidly to escape, I grabbed the woman and jumped with her from the car. Lying on the ground with the woman, I watched in astonishment as the red car raced off.

I turned to the woman and said, "We should have stayed with him."

At the same time, I had the presentiment that the police were going to capture or kill the man in a few months. So I thought altogether it was probably best the way things had turned out.

As the police approached us, I embraced the woman and thought now I was going to have to go to prison. I was also deeply troubled thinking the woman must also go to jail, and she and I wouldn't be able to see each other any more.

A man walked up and offered me a thick cigarette which he had been smoking and had bitten. I turned down the cigarette, turned to the woman and said, "The worst prison for me was always my separation from you."

She says, "Me Too."

I thought we might get out of jail in about ten years and be able to see each other again. I also thought ten years was a very long time.

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