Dream of: 27 April 1989 "An Ordinary Person"

While I was in a restaurant with some people I knew, a man began a fight with me. I grabbed his hand, in which he was holding a knife, and the knife began cutting my hand. I kept bending his hand, until some way or another I was able to kill the man. I stood up straight and walked out of the restaurant with some other people. Walking down the street, in a low voice I said to myself, "I'm 24 years old, and I've already killed four men."

I had already killed three other men in the past. And for some reason, I thought I wanted someone else to know about how many people I had killed. I was thinking that I was not only strong, but also intelligent. And because I was so intelligent, no one had realized I was capable of killing so many people.

I finally walked into a grocery store, where I encountered Clifford. He and I began skating in a large ice rink which was in part of the grocery store. Although Clifford had ice skates and I didn't, I skated anyway. Clifford told me that I was able to skate very well; he commented about how fast I could go even though I didn't have skates.

I began thinking about how different Clifford seemed from me. He seemed to be a straight person, but also an ordinary person. Although he seemed to have led a good life, I certainly wasn't jealous of him. My life seemed much more interesting, even though I had a lot of problems.

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