Dream of: 25 April 1989 "Alice In Wonderland"

I was in a rather large house with two girls (about 15-16 years old). One had dark hair and one had light blonde hair. A tall thin man (about 60 years old) was also in the house. Although his hair was graying, he was quite muscular.

The two girls and I walked into another large room and sat down on the floor. Although I knew the black-haired girl fairly well, I hardly knew the blonde-haired girl. I noticed the girls have taken off all their clothes except their bras and panties. I was only wearing my undershorts. The blonde was extremely attractive and had a well-developed body. She was enticing for me. I realized the danger of the situation because the girls were underage and the older man was in the next room. But I didn't think he was going to bother us.

As I continued talking with the girls, I began thinking about possibly having some kind of sexual contact with the blond-haired girl. Suddenly the door opened and the older man stepped into the room. As I sat here without moving, the man looked around the room, obviously concerned about what was happening. I quickly realized I could be in a lot of trouble sitting here almost naked with these girls. But I also realized I hadn't touched either of the girls and that no sexual areas of any body was exposed. So although I hadn't yet committed any crime, I was in an awkward situation.

The three of us stood up and walked into the next room. I thought I obviously needed to dress and immediately get out of here. Although the man apparently wasn't going to do anything to me, it was obvious that I wasn't going to be able to stay around here. But before I left, I walk over to the man and say, "I want to thank you for one thing. I just want to say one thing to you. I want to thank you for coming in there when I did."

I knew if the man hadn't entered just when he had, I was right on the verge of getting sexually involved with the blonde-haired girl. That would have had serious consequences. It almost seemed as if the man knew exactly when to come in and stop me before I had a chance to actually do anything with the girls.

Before I was able to leave, I looked around and saw that some other people had come and were beginning to fill up the room. It seemed as if Ramey might be among them. It would appear that some other people had been notified about the matter. Some fellow (about 18-19 years) old stepped up to me. He began talking and pointing his finger at me so close it looked as if he were even going to touch me with it. He began telling me some things I must do concerning the incident.

Someone else then mentioned the name "Gina," and I said, "Who's Gina?"

I asked the fellow who he was, but he didn't seem to want to respond. But it would appear that he and the others were people concerned with the crime of child abuse. It appeared that I could have been charged with sexual assault on a minor.

The fellow said, "Do you feel like you're slipping more and more into where Alice was?"

I say, "Who was Alice? Who was Gina?"

Suddenly it occurred to me who Alice was. He was talking about "Alice in Wonderland." Looking around, I realized I was now so upset that I was actually hallucinating. It was amazing that I had had to get so involved in an incident like this to become so upset. I also realized I was beginning to shake some. Finally I stood up straight and decided to just stand my ground. I thought I might end up in prison, although I realized I hadn't actually committed a crime. The whole situation was so confusing and upsetting, it almost seemed like a dream. But then I thought, "No, this isn't a dream."

But reflecting further, I think, "Maybe this was a dream. This was a dream. I was dreaming. This was not even real."

I began thinking I need to become more lucid in my dream in order to handle the dream better.

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