Dream of: 19 April 1989 "Endangered Species"

I was visiting a woman who had a couple children in the house. One child showed me some jars of vitamins which they took. The vitamins looked as if they were sweet, and I even thought of taking one myself.

Finally I went out into the large backyard, where I was told an old man had set up an area where he bred all kinds of endangered species of animals in an attempt to try to save them, but he was getting old and it was uncertain how long he would be able to continue doing it.

While in the yard, I found a small snake moving around frenetically in a small jar. I carried it around for a little while but finally set it down. When I finally went back to it, it had calmed down and stopped moving. Finally I decided to let it go.

Next I found a small frog which I picked up in my right hand. The frog opened its mouth and put it around the side of my index finger. I carried it that way for a while until I ran into another man. He seemed concerned about the frog's mouth being on my finger and he asked me if my finger was numb. I became worried and pulled the frog's mouth off, but no damage had been done to my finger.

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