Dream of: 11 April 1989 (2) "Old Crime"

I was in the living room/kitchen area of what resembled the House in Patriot. Two friends were with me, one of whom reminded me some of Jon. Other people were also in the room, one of whom apparently was in a little cage and was being held prisoner. I had slowly begun to realize that a local sheriff or police chief was investigating my friends and me, and he suspected that I had committed some kind of crime in this area about 10 years ago. I now realized the matter was quite serious, but I didn't know what the crime was.

Finally an envelope arrived in the mail for one of my friends and it had an important piece of evidence in it. After my friend had taken out the evidence and thrown away the envelope, he realized it also contained a letter. We all looked for the envelope, found it, and I pulled out a three or four page hand-written letter. As someone began reading it, I realized it contained information about the matter which had happened years ago. I pulled out a pen and paper and began writing down some of the facts as they were read off. Then some other people in the room remembered some more details and I wrote those down, and finally I began putting the events in chronological order, trying to make a date line to figure out exactly what had happened.

Several different things were mentioned. Apparently a hitchhiker, perhaps two, had been picked up. The hitchhiker had played an important role in what had happened. In fact, the hitchhiker might even be the fellow who was now caged up in the room with me. Then something happened on the border of Mexico, which hadn't been far away. But it was unclear whether it had happened in a town on this side or on the Mexican side of the border. Someone asked the fellow in the small cage about the events and he gave some information which I wrote down. And then one fellow sitting at the kitchen table said he remembered that on March 28, between 5:00 and 5:45 there had been a meal at a restaurant with someone who apparently had been the leader of some kind of group. It appeared that most of the events had occurred in late March.

As I listened to different people in the room talk, I realized most weren't well educated and they had poor pronunciation. I thought I might like to work as a lawyer for people like this, perhaps in a rural community, perhaps even in Portsmouth.

I became more and more interested as I wrote down the different events. But I had some difficulty because I now saw that some events had been occurring in between other events which I had put next to each other on the paper, and it was hard to squeeze them in. What I needed was a word processor so I could move lines around and make more space.

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