Dream of: 06 April 1989 "Difficulty With Yoga"

I was in a large room with perhaps 50 other people all engaged in an exercise class, apparently yoga exercises. In the first exercise everyone lined up around the room. We were all then supposed to bend over and touch our heads to our knees, while keeping our legs straight. I was accustomed to doing this exercise and I thought I should have no problem. However the way I was supposed to do it here was different from the way I usually did it. Usually I grabbed the back of my legs with my hands and held myself in the position. Here, however, I was supposed to clutch my hands together and put them down behind my legs and then between my legs.

An instructor and an assistant instructor were going around the room showing people the proper way to do the exercise. The assistant instructor (probably in his late 20s) came over to help me, and in so doing, he appeared rather abrasive toward me. Apparently I made a movement which frightened him and he jumped clear across the room to get away from me.

The instructor (probably in his early 40s) came over and gave the assistant instructor a menacing look for not handling me properly. The instructor more calmly tries to help me. I stood out from the line so the instructor could get a better look at what I was doing. I knew how to do this exercise well, it was just the new way of doing it that was giving me problems. At one point I even toppled over. As I was getting up, I looked around and saw that many people in the room were having difficulty, some even toppling over. It made me feel better to know the others were also having difficulty.

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