Dream of: 05 April 1989 (2) "Lizards"

After deciding to go to medical school, I began going in mid-term. Since I  had missed the first half of the term, and the study was so difficult, I thought I might fail. But even if I did, I thought I would just start over again next term. Although I wasn't completely sure why I was studying medicine, I thought being both a lawyer and a doctor would be interesting. Plus I thought if I wrote some books, it would be a good credential to be both a doctor and a lawyer.

After walking out of the medical school, I came to a street with traffic on it. Instead of waiting for the cars to pass, I sat down on my butt and started sliding across the street between some cars. But finally I found myself between two cars which were so close they were practically touching, so that I had to lie down on my back between the cars. Just as I lay down on my back, the traffic began moving again, and I grabbed the car in front with my right hand, and the car in back with my left hand. I held on to both cars as they crossed over a bridge, and when I reached the other side, the car in front turned to the right and the car in back turned to the left. I let go of the car in back and just held onto the car in front.

The car onto which I was holding turned a corner and started to pull into a small store on the right. I then let go and rolled off to the side, barely managing to avoid being hit by another car which was coming along. I stood up and kicked off the tennis shoes which I was wearing. As I walked over to a phone booth, I realized that it was the U.S. Grant bridge which I had crossed over, and that I was now in Kentucky. As the people in the car which I had been hanging onto got out and went into the store, I realized they had seen what I had done, and I could just imagine what they were saying about me, probably calling me a crazy person for hanging onto a car like that.

As I was standing there in the phone booth, I noticed that I could see through a window about four by four meters in a building next to the phone booth, and inside I saw a wide assortment of lizards. Large and small lizards were crawling all over the floor and walls. Most were a dark grayish color. I had a big wad of money in my pocket, and I began wondering if there was some way I could go into the store to look at the lizards. I thought it would be quite interesting.

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