Dream of: 01 April 1989 "A Weird Fellow"

I was talking with a fellow whom I used to know and with whom I used to go to school. I hadn't known him well and I had never really associated much with him. Apparently in the years since I have seen him, he had been successful at what he had been doing, and he seemed satisfied with his life. He asked me about what I did, and I told him I practiced a little low-keyed law.

He began showing me a boat which he himself had apparently made. It was probably only about four meters long, and appeared to be made of a light-green fiberglass or plastic material. He turned it upside down and showed me how a strip which ran along the bottom of the boat from the front to the back in the middle could be taken out, leaving the bottom of the boat divided into two halves.

He turned the boat back over and showed me the top interior of the boat. Toward the front were two swivel seats, and in the middle were two small televisions hooked to a remote control, so a person in the swivel seats could make the televisions rotate up or down to be seen better. The fellow was quite proud of the boat and he explained that it had cost him quite a lot to build.

He and I walked together down a hall, apparently in some kind of college. He told me that his girlfriend was taking a class here and when I reached a room where a class was going on, he pointed her out to I inside. I could only see the back of her blonde hair.

He and I separated and I began talking to a second fellow about the first fellow. The second fellow said the first fellow had always been "weird." I wondered if the first fellow might be homosexual. I didn't think so, especially since he had a girlfriend. He was just simply different. Nothing wrong with that.

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