Dream of: 31 March 1989 "Layla"

I was sitting on a couch in the House in Patriot with a fellow (about 20 years old), and who reminded me of John Pollit (a Portsmouth acquaintance). The two of us were playing rock and roll music together. He was playing a guitar and I was playing some other kind of instrument. He was leading and I was following along. Although the music was somewhat rough, I was surprised by how good it sounded. It seemed to have different parts of various rock and roll songs in it. I recognized part of the song "Layla" at one point. Finally I stopped and asked him if he had already written the music, or if he was composing it as he went along. He told me he had already written it, and I wondered how he had done it. I really enjoyed playing music like that and I could see a lot of potential there.

My uncle George was sitting on the floor on his bended knees over to the side of me. In each hand he had a bottle of Bacardi rum which someone had given him as a present. He had been drinking from the bottles and it appeared he might even be intoxicated. Finally he left the room.

The door on the refrigerator in the room was open, and I walked over and shut it. The fellow with whom I had been playing music then left and I lay down on the couch. I picked up a magazine, which I quickly realized contained pictures of nude women. A woman then came down the stairs from upstairs into the room. She was wearing a white transparent nightgown, through which I could see her pubic region. She lay down on top of me, apparently wanting to have sex with me.

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