Dream of: 27 March 1989 (2) "Accent Marks"

I was in what appeared to be a college classroom filled with college students. It was the first day of classes and a professor in front of the room was going over what was going to be expected of the students. He wrote some sentences on the large blackboard which covered the wall in front of the room, and then also mentioned that students would receive extra points if they corrected any mistakes he made in the sentences. The sentences were written in Spanish and as I looked them over, I realized some accents had been left off some words. For example, the word "hablo" in the first sentence should have had an accent mark over the "o."

Before I had time to act, another female student walked up to the blackboard and placed accent marks over several letters in some of the sentences. But I noticed she hadn't put an accent mark over "hablo." And when I read the sentence again, I saw that it could be read in two different ways. In one way, "hablo" could be used in the first person singular present, in which case it wouldn't need an accent mark. But it also could be read in the third person singular past tense, in which case it would need an accent mark.

Before I could decide what to do, the female student pulled down some kind of chart which covered the whole blackboard. But the chart also covered up the teacher so that he was left standing behind the chart. But he didn't seem to mind and he simply stayed behind the chart while the female student went on explaining something.

Meanwhile some large blue books were passed out to the students and some smaller newspapers. The girl in front of me already had one of the newspapers. She was sitting in the first seat in the row. So when the stack of newspapers was handed to me, I take one and passed the others to the person behind me. I then took a closer look at the girl in front of me and realized that she reminded me of Truly (a former fellow law student). It seemed as if she and I were once going to study Spanish together, but she had been unable to do so.

Finally the class ended and I walked out into the hall. It vaguely seemed that the classes I was taking had something to do with law. I thought about how easy it was to make a mistake in the practice of law, and how much damage one mistake could cause. I felt fortunate that I hadn't yet made any such mistakes while I had been practicing law. Brian crossed my mind and I wondered if he had made any bad mistakes since he had started practicing law.

Finally I came to the school cafeteria. It was already 1:15, and I realized if I were going to eat, I should do it now. My schedule was so full, I probably should have done it before the last class. But it looked as if I might have time if I did so right now. I went to the counter and saw some sliced potatoes with beef mixed in, and then I saw some sliced potatoes with ham mixed in. I told the person behind the counter that I wanted some potatoes without any meat. I also thought I would get some green beans.

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