Dream of: 27 March 1989 "Cheetahs And Mountain Goats"

I was riding in the back seat of a car driven by my old high-school friend, Walls, while someone else was riding in the front seat with Walls. As we rode along a country road, I looked down into a little dried-up creek, and saw what looked like a cheetah crouching behind a log. I was so astounded by what I saw, I could hardly speak. I began trying to say, "Cheetah! Cheetah!," but either my words weren't coming out, or Walls simply couldn't hear me. I kept my eyes on the cheetah and watched it crossing over the road behind me and up the hillside on the other side of the road. It looked as if there might even be a second cheetah.

Finally I did manage to get Walls' attention and he stopped the car. He began backing up, but I was afraid it was too late. To my surprise, however, right up above us on the side of the hill, sere a large cheetah and a smaller young one. They were truly beautiful. I sat in awe admiring them. Not far from them I also saw two large, white mountain goats, the kind with long hair and short straight horns. They likewise were truly beautiful.

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