Dream of: 26 March 1989 "Belt Buckles"

I walked around a small mall where stores on both sides of me displayed men's clothes for sale. I walked up to the second floor of the mall where I saw the same stores, but up here none of the stores had men's clothes, and one had toys for sale. I walked back downstairs, intending to go into one of the stores and look for some new clothes. As I started into one store, I realized it was a Sears store, and since I didn't like Sears clothes, I turned around and walked into another store.

This store seemed to only have casual men's wear. I began looking at some casual pants which were in several different colors. I found a black pair which was supposed to have a stripe down the side, but it didn't have the size nor the price on it. Since I didn't see anyone who could help me, I put the pants back. A sign over some other pants said the pants were $3 off the price which had already been reduced considerably. I then began looking at a pair of those pants, which likewise didn't have the price on it. But I noticed a small tear where the price tag apparently had been torn off, and I thought maybe I could get an even greater discount on the pants if I could only find someone to tell me how much the pants were.

Suddenly someone called out my name. I turned around and saw a woman and a man (both about 20 years old) standing nearby. I didn't recognize either of them, but the woman somehow looked familiar. Finally I did seem to remember her as a girl I used to know in Portsmouth, but I still couldn't remember her name. I walked up, said hello and exchanged a few words with her. Indeed, she was the girl I used to know; I remembered that she also had some brothers, which I asked about. She told me they were fine. Finally I remembered that her last name was Jewett, but I still couldn't remember her first name.

The fellow with her had picked up an interesting belt buckle, apparently for women. It was large for a belt buckle, perhaps fifteen centimeters by 15 centimeters. It was black on the front with gold designs, and looked Chinese. It had complicated latches apparently for connecting it to the belt. I would like to look at it, but since he had it, I didn't. Finally I departed from them and began walking down another aisle.

There I saw some more belt buckles like the one he had, only these were smaller. I began looking at them; I might like to buy one for Carolina.

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