Dream of: 25 March 1989 "Upholding Principles"

As I was going along a highway, I passed a large billboard and noticed someone standing on a scaffolding in front of the billboard. What particularly drew my attention to the person was the fact that the person's buttocks were visible. I was looking at the person from the rear and I saw the person was wearing a red tee shirt and had a piece of tan cloth hanging down from the waist. Although the person had shoulder length black hair, I couldn't tell if the slender person was a man or a woman.

Finally I was able to see the person from the front and I could tell he was a bearded man. I looked between his legs just to be sure, and saw his black pubic hair, and I could just barely see what appeared to be a penis.

I went on, stopped at a store and called the police to report the man. A policeman answered the phone and I reported what I had seen. The policeman asked me some questions about the man, and I in turn asked if anyone else had reported him, but the policeman didn't give me an answer.

Finally the policeman said some police officers were on the way to investigate, and he asked me if I could see the man from where I was standing. I looked out the window of the store, which was in a higher elevation than the billboard, and I looked down toward the billboard. The man seemed to have disappeared. Now for the first time I looked at the billboard and saw the man had apparently been painting some artwork on the billboard. There were several different abstract figures on the billboard, but the only one that looked clear appeared to be a large red square painted over some kind of bottle. It suddenly occurred to me the man might not have been doing any harm at all. In fact he might have been painting over some repugnant advertisements, such as a tobacco advertisement. Furthermore, didn't I myself believe that nudity should be legal? I did. Yet here I was turning in some fellow because he was nude. Did I just use the law to suit my own interests, and not hold up my own principles?

Still looking outside, I saw that another fellow had shown up, and he was likewise wearing a red tee shirt. I quickly realized he was a police officer. Several other police officers were scurrying about looking for the man, but they didn't seem to be having any success. I knew there was a playground a little ways up the road and I thought they might search there. They clearly wouldn't want the man around any children.

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