Dream of: 22 March 1989 "Personal Ad"

I was talking with a blonde woman (probably in her late 30s) whom I had known for quite a while without paying much attention to her. Now I was beginning to have a strong attraction for her; I noticed what an alluring body she had. I especially liked her because she could speak French. I exchanged a few enjoyable words with her in French.

It seemed to me that she had once wanted to go out with someone, but since she hadn't known anyone, she had put a personal ad in a newspaper. Several men had answered the ad, but she hadn't liked any of them. But I was sure she wouldn't remain alone for long. I needed to hurry to gain her affection.

There was a problem. I was already attached to Carolina. I was now sure I wanted to break off my relationship with Carolina. But how could I do it? That was a problem.

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