Dream of: 19 March 1989 "Enigma"

I had arrived at what appeared to be my class reunion; only about five people were already there. Someone told me Maynard (a former junior high school classmate) was there; when I saw her, I went straight to her. She was sitting at a long cafeteria-like table; I sat down directly across from her. I figured she must be surprised I would want to sit and talk with her, because we had never talked much when we had been in school together. I told her I had heard she was a school teacher; she confirmed that. She said she didn't teach in this town, but traveled from state to state. I told her she was an enigma for me. I had had dreams about her, and I didn't know why. I thought it might have something to do with the fact that she played the flute. But still I was uncertain why she appeared in my dreams from time to time.

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