Dream of: 18 March 1989 "Spiritual Journey"

I had had a dream concerning another fellow's problems with alcohol. When I awoke and reflected on the dream, I realized the dream was saying I was the one with the alcohol problem. The dream had seemed positive, however, and had seemed to indicate I had been successfully dealing with the problem. Although I shouldn't let the problem bother me, I did need to continue to be aware.


I was with several people who were going to travel together to Mexico. Some of us had had problems in the past with marijuana. When I thought about it, I was probably the strongest in the group in dealing with the problem and I now realized I was going to have to take a leadership role in dealing with the problem.

As we neared the Mexican border, we almost seemed to be flying toward it. I could see a river and a lush green bank on the other side where marijuana plants were growing. I cautioned the others not to be deterred by the marijuana, and I warned them that if they were deterred, they could be lost from our group forever, because we would leave them behind. As we approached the opposite shore, I steeled myself, feeling some temptation to use marijuana. The temptation was slight and I quickly realized I would be able to go right through the marijuana plants without using any. It was a tense but healthy feeling.


I was with a close friend in Mexico. We were looking at a mountain up ahead and beyond that mountain I could see another mountain peak in the background. I told my friend that pyramids were on the other side of the mountain in front of us, and that we were going to go sleep atop the pyramids. In fact we were going on a long spiritual journey together and I told him we wouldn't stop until we had reached the pyramids of Egypt, where we would stop and decide what we would do next. I put my arm around his shoulder and we walked down the street together. He was quite overweight, but he was still my close friend. I wondered what I would be like if I were to warrant having a close friend who wasn't overweight. I knew I needed to improve my own life.


I was in a house with a group of several people, one of whom had been talking about going into the interior of Mexico. I turned to him and told him a person's power lay in an area around his stomach, and I made a circular motion around the stomach to show where I was talking about. I told him if he used that area one tenth as much as he did his mouth, he would be able to go.

He stood up and seemed to comprehend what I was saying. I pointed to each of the other three people in the room and I said that they and I were willing to go. I told him the time to go was right now. Finally seeming to comprehend, he said that he too was ready. I stopped and told him we must first make a pact. He agreed. He thought the pact was that when we went down there, we would stay there forever. But that wasn't the idea I had in mind at all. The pact I had in mind was that we would stay together. We all stood in a circle, held hands and began singing a song, some of the words of which were, "Stay Together."

Each of us then had a chance to be in the center of the circle while the other four danced around that person. The song was very positive and reflected the kind of life we would be living together. The song mentioned "sexual energy" as something we would be able to harness.

One fellow had rather long black hair. Another fellow was quite good looking. I saw myself in a mirror as we were dancing and I realized I also was fairly good looking. Plus I was a lawyer, which indicated I had some intelligence. I thought I was taking a positive step forward.

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