Dream of: 09 March 1989 (3) "Too Nice To Last"

Another fellow and I were out in a street throwing a small football, about the size of my hand. He made a pass and threw the football straight up into the air. It landed down the street from me and bounced away. Instead of going to get it, I just left it in the street and quit the game.

We had been playing in a large grassy area between a row of two houses facing each other. I pulled up a chair at one end of the area and sat down. Soon a fellow walked up and told me he was interested in getting a divorce and wanted to know if I could be his lawyer. After asking him some questions, I learned he had two children and a house. I thought I would charge him $300 in attorney's fees if I represented him.

Another fellow also walked up and sat down in a nearby seat. He also apparently wanted a divorce.

I continued talking with the first fellow and tell I told I used to have an office, but now I just met people out here in this yard, which seemed much nicer to me. But I added that it was probably too nice to last.

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