Dream of: 09 March 1989 (2) "Crushed Kitten"

I was in the front passenger seat of a car being driven by a man perhaps in his early sixties. We come to a large bridge which appeared to be under construction and passed on to another nearby bridge. As we went across the second bridge, I could look out and see the first bridge, which was old and very intricately designed. It appeared to have many large brown rock in it.

The sides of the bridge we were crossing were only about waist high and I considered what it would be like if we plunged over the side. I wondered if I should try to open my door and jump out as the car was plunging toward the water.

As we continued on, to the side I could see what appeared to be a small barge with some people gathered on it. Suddenly I heard a small girl begin loudly crying. I looked more closely and saw that the people on the barge appeared to be gathered around a cat and some kittens. It looked as if one of the kittens had somehow been crushed and killed. A woman picked up the remaining live kittens and placed them over to the side.

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