Dream of: 08 March 1989 "Telepathic Communication"

I had established communication with a being from another world. We seemed to be communicating telepathically, although I could also see the being. Its looks defied description. Mostly it seemed like a small boy, but it also somewhat reminded me of my brother Chris, of an unborn fetus and of a man-of-war jelly fish. It could barely communicate back with me, and hardly seemed to understand what I was saying. It seemed to just be floating in space in a trance-like state.

After I asked it several questions and obtained responses, I realized the being thought another entity besides myself was nearby. The being called the other entity "Sissy "or "Suzzie." The being seemed to indicate that Sissy existed and that I didn't exist. I slowly realized some other dangerous and sinister entity was influencing the being. I quickly told it I did exist. I knew I needed to break the other entity's hold over the being if I were going to be able to continue my communication with the being. But I felt very shaken at learning that some other entity was also involved here and was hampering the communication.

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