Dream of: 07 March 1989 (2) "Karma Kameleon"

While several other people and I were in some man's living room, we decided to play a game which involved hiding something for someone to find. After I had been given a broken half of a 45 RPM record to hide, I looked around the room for someplace to hide it. The room seemed neatly arranged, but it was also unusual because many objects were sitting around the room. Finally I found a group of other 45 RPM records on the floor. They were still in their covers and I thought I could put my broken piece in one. I pulled one out and looked at its title and saw the word "Grass" on it. I didn't want to put my record in that one, because when it was found, it might be thought that I had purposely picked that record and someone might infer that it had something to do with marijuana. I looked at another record and saw that it was "Karma Kameleon." It also was broken in half. I put my record in with it and put it back with the others.

I thought that when we began playing, the idea would be to tell the person who was looking for the object whether the person was getting hot or cold in the search.


I was now standing on a bridge with a fellow (probably 19-20 years old) who was apparently in trouble because he was being accused of molesting a child. The fellow was apparently in college. It looked as if he was thinking of jumping from the bridge. I could see lights of buildings below, and I knew it would be a very high fall.

In a way which wasn't clear to me, the incident in which the fellow was involved also seemed to involve my first cousin Alan and my first cousin Randy, and their mother (my aunt Jesse). It seemed that Alan had been accused of molesting young girls, but it had turned out that Randy had actually molested the girls. Jesse knew about it, but I was unsure how she fit in.


I was on a farm looking out over a feed lot. Mixed in with the dirt on the lot, I was surprised to see some shiny new engine parts. I thought they were going to be damaged lying in the dirt.

I was still thinking about Alan and Randy. And for some reason I wanted to get off the farm. Behind me was a train which began pulling out. I jumped on and began riding the slow moving train. But as the train began to pick up speed, I began to think that I had been tricked onto the train, and I needed to get off. It was already moving fast, but I managed to jump off uninjured.

As I walked back toward the house, I passed another farm house. In front of it were some grape vines with large purple grapes on them. I picked a couple large bunches and begin eating them as I passed the house. I hoped no one became upset by my taking the grapes. But as I ate them, I realized I didn't like their taste and I threw them away.

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