Dream of: 06 March 1989 "Money And Culture"

I was in a park in London, England; although it was daytime and many people were milling about, I spread out a blue sleeping bag on the grass, crawled into it and went to sleep. When I awoke, I looked around and saw that along with my sleeping bag, I had some other belongings lying around me, including the blue jeans which I had taken off before going to sleep. Inside the bag I was nude from the waist down; since people were in the area, I pulled the blue jeans into the sleeping bag and began pulling them on.

When I had finished dressing, I crawled out of the bag and began gathering my belongings together. It suddenly occurred to me that my billfold was had been lying right out in open view where anyone could have taken it. I quickly located the billfold and put it in my pocket. At the same time I noticed sitting right next to the billfold a blonde-haired woman who was probably in her mid 20s. She was dressed in pants and bundled up in a jacket or a sweater. I continued about my business, but finally spoke to her by asking where she was from.

She told me she was from Britain; we began conversing. She told me she would like to go to the United States and said she would specifically like to go to Dallas, Texas. I told her I lived in Dallas; she seemed impressed. She told me she wanted to live and work in Dallas; I soon realized she had no immigration papers. I told her she should first try to get immigration papers before going to the United States. I thought I could give her Wheat's address, because I knew he practiced immigration law almost exclusively.

Another woman walked up just as I mentioned that Dallas didn't have much culture; I added, however, that a person could make good money in Dallas. The second woman made a statement which seemed to equate money and culture. I didn't argue with her, although I myself knew that there was a big difference between money and culture.

Finally, the first woman and I walked into a building together; as we passed an elevator, a man stepped off and spoke to me. He was probably in his mid 30s and seemed to recognize me. I concluded he was someone with whom I had gone to law school; I even remembered his name, which I spoke to him. He told me he was only going to be in London tonight, and says he was going to be going to a big party tonight. He started to give me his business card, but when I expressed interest in going to the party with him tonight, he rudely pulled the card back. Obviously he didn't want me to go to the party. So I just walked away from him in disgust.

In the meantime I seemed to have become separated from the woman. As I looked for her, I ran into Wheat. I was happy to see him and he was very friendly to me. We sat down on a couch in a lounge area of the building and he pulled out two bottles of liquor. One bottle seemed to contain vodka; from it he poured himself a drink and gulped it down. The other bottle looked as if it contained whiskey. I poured some of the whiskey into a paper cup and then gulped it into my mouth. I held the whiskey in my mouth for a moment before swallowing it.

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