Dream of: 05 March 1989 (3) "Set My People Free"

I was walking into a Buddhist church. Although the church had only recently opened, I had already been there several times. Every time I had come I had given a $100 check. When I entered, a young woman walked up to me and said they hadn't receive the check for $100 the last time. I tried to understand what she was saying, and I finally concluded that one time I had forgotten to give the $100 check. I told the woman I had given a $100 check the last time I had been there, but I realized I still needed to contribute another $100.

The woman wore a dress which appeared to have come from the East. Other men and women there were dressed the same way. They lived there, and I thought I would like to live there with them. It seemed tranquil, but I didn't think it actually was.

I heard some other people chanting inside in an eastern language. I remembered having heard that cults tried to change almost everything about someone who became a member of the cult so the new member would disassociate from the previous life and would completely enter into the cult. That seemed to be what was happening there.

I continued through a hall until I reached the sanctuary where the people were gathered. I was carrying my black briefcase and I was wearing my gray suit. Everyone there knew me as a lawyer. Actually I was a strong supporter of the church since I gave them so much money, but I still didn't know the people there well, and I didn't want to know them. I simply wanted to come and go in the church without associating much with the others.

I sat down in the first row of seats on the right side. On my left was the aisle, and on my right was seated a woman. When I looked to the front, I began crying profusely, but it didn't last long, and I began drying my eyes. I noticed the woman on my right was writing a check. I wasn't sure, but it looked as if the check was for more than $1,000.

I also began looking for a check. When I had sat down, I had laid $25 on the floor in front of me. I now picked up the money and tried to decide how much I was going to give today. I believed that I was only going to give $25 instead of $100, and that I would write a check for $100 for the time I hadn't given before. I didn't want to give $200 today.

The woman finally turned to me and said, "I can't believe you didn't have anything to cry about."

Apparently she and many others had been crying a short while before, but she hadn't noticed I had cried. Now that she looked more closely at my eyes, she saw my eyes were still moist and she seemed satisfied.

Suddenly we all stood up. I could see myself in a mirror in front. The top button of my shirt was unbuttoned, and my tie was loose. I was also wearing two other coats over my gray jacket. It all looked a little ridiculous, and I felt uncomfortable.

A boy walked up front. In his hand he was carrying a paper which looked like part of a check. It looked as if he wanted to give it as an offering, but he didn't know whether it was worth anything.

Suddenly five or six people gathered in front. One was a black boy who began to sing in a deep beautiful voice, "Set my people free."

He sang the same words several times, until I finally realized the song was about Moses, and the words had been spoken by Moses in the Bible. I was surprised to hear something about Moses in a Buddhist church.

An overweight woman stood up from amidst the other people in front. She had black hair and was dressed completely in white. I knew her from somewhere, but I couldn't remember where. She had a big smile.

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