Dream of: 05 March 1989 "White Horses In A Field"

While I was in a room with my sister and my father, a large book arrived by mail. In the book were pictures and large photographs on which my brother Chris had once written some words. My sister took the book and put it on the floor, where she began to flip through the pages, looking at the photos. I was able to see them, and was quite moved, because I thought Chris's writing was important. In one of the photos, Chris had put on a pair of large eyeglasses. Since I was unable to see the photos well from where I was, I moved to get on the other side of my sister. But to do so, I had to step on a puzzle which my sister had been working on the floor. The puzzle showed a picture of white horses running in a field. My father criticized me for having stepped on the puzzle, but I told him there was no other alternative.

I sat down next to my sister, but I still couldn't see well because my sister has changed the position of the book. She had also put something over part of the book. She disgusted me so much that I finally stood up and left.

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