Dream of: 04 March 1989 "Circle Dance"

I was with a group of people in a place which appeared to be a park. The weather was nice and the sun was shinning. There was a large circle in the grass where people could dance, and dance music was playing in the background. A woman (about 20 years old) has accompanied me here. She was tall and thin, and had black hair. Although she was quite pretty, she appeared timid and I had the feeling she hadn't gone out much in public.

I wanted to dance with the woman, but she didn't want to. When no one else was dancing on the grass, I persuaded her to dance with me. After I began dancing, I realized that neither she nor I knew what we were doing. Although I felt clumsy, I continued dancing with her and she quickly learned to follow me, although I didn't know exactly what I was doing.

I finally stopped dancing and squatted down at the side of the dance circle. Close to me was another woman who looked elegant, although she was dressed in ordinary clothes. She was wearing a red skirt which fell to her feet, and a white frilled blouse. I thought she knew a lot about dancing and I talked with her. I asked her if the dance I had been doing with the other woman had been two steps or three steps. I was surprised and felt a little embarrassed when she said that the dance had been five steps. I felt better when she offered to teach me to dance, and I accepted.

She and I went into the circle and put our arms around each other. The music began and she guided me. My first step was a bow to my left. Then I took steps to the right, to the left, to the right, and then again to the left. I continued the same step routine over and over until I thought I could do it. I felt good. I danced a while with another woman and finally I sat down.

Another dance began and I wanted to dance again with the women, but they smiled and went into the circle alone. They began dancing by running alone around the circle. Their clothes blew in the wind and created beautiful images.

I left the park and realized several men were threatening some Negroes because the Negroes had also been in the park. The threatening men were dressed like cowboys, and the Negroes were in a barn. The cowboys rode up on horses to the barn, went inside and pulled out the Negroes.

Meanwhile, some other men and I decided we weren't going to allow the cowboys to mistreat the Negroes. We quickly assembled some other men, including one Negro, to stop the cowboys. When the cowboys came out of the barn, we were waiting for them. I immediately stepped in front of one horse and pulled the cowboy off. I had a gun and threatened the cowboy with it.

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