Dream of: 02 March 1989 (2) "Most Beautiful Place"

I was talking with a woman who was telling me that the most beautiful place in the world to live was a town in Colorado which had a name which sounded like "Palo Alto." She said the town was new and that all the buildings in it were also new. I had heard of the town, although I didn't know it was the most beautiful place in the world. But I did remember how much I had liked Colorado when I had been there. I knew it was beautiful.

But I was uncertain I would like to live in Colorado. You did have to admit that the large cities of the world were too crowded. I even thought I wouldn't like to live in Paris. Perhaps I would like to live in Mexico, and finally I thought of San Miguel de Allende. I would like to live there.

I finally realized I was alone on a street in a city which looked like Mexico City, although I was uncertain. I thought I had been here before, but was uncertain. I saw buses and thought I might be able to take one to a place I know.

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