Dream of: 02 March 1989 "Trick Bomb"

While some other people and I were standing on the side of a hill, I noticed that someone had thrown a wooden bucket at me which appeared to contain a bomb with a fuse on it. I immediately kicked it down the hill, where it landed in a little creek at the bottom where some men dressed like cowboys were sitting in the water. The men slowly stood up, and didn't appear to be troubled by the bomb, the fuse of which was almost burnt to the end. But finally the men in the water pulled their guns from their holsters and point them at me and the others with me. Only now did I realize that the bomb was just a trick to draw me to the edge of the hills so the men below could shoot at me.

When they began shooting, I knelt down, crawled to the side and hid behind some rocks. I kept crawling until I reached a tunnel which had water on its floor. As I continued along, the water rose almost up to my neck. But I couldn't go back outside, because the men with the guns were still out there.

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