Dream of: 24 February 1989 (2) "Quicksand"

My father, my step-grandfather Clarence and I had driven a piece of heavy machinery into a tunnel where my father and Clarence were planning do some work. Just as we entered the tunnel, what appeared to be a light-brown, brick tower at the front of the tunnel fell across the road and blocked it. Cars and trucks coming from both directions smashed through the tower without apparently damaging their vehicles.

Some of the first cars to smash through the tower (traveling in the same direction as we) were part of an entourage of Ted Kennedy, who was riding in the second car an old, gold Cadillac.

Meanwhile my father and Clarence had gone to one side of the tunnel and had begun measuring the width of the tunnel with a roll-up ruler. Standing on the side of the tunnel, I suddenly found myself sinking in the dry sand. I quickly yelled "Quicksand" and jumped back on the road. Neither Clarence nor my father seemed concerned about me, and I wondered if they would have tried to save me if I had been sinking deep into the quicksand.

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