Dream of: 24 February 1989 "Memorizing"

Probably in my late 20s, I was taking a class taught by a woman (around 40 years old). Only two other women (both about 23 years old) were taking the class. The two women and I had been memorizing some writing which covered an entire sheet of paper. Suddenly the teacher told us it was time to recite; she led us into another room where another woman who was apparently a judge was going to hear us recite.

One woman walked to a podium in front of the room and began reciting. At first she held the paper with the writing in her hand; but then the judge told her to put the paper down. The woman continued reciting. Meanwhile I was busily trying to memorize the writing on the paper, but I was having a difficult time. The second woman student was sitting next to me on my left; I asked her if the last time she recited the writing whether she had missed anything and had needed help. She said she hadn't. I remembered the last time I practiced it; I had missed several times and the teacher had needed to help me.

Gradually, the room seemed larger until finally it was a large auditorium with hundreds, maybe thousands, of people. The teacher was sitting a couple seats from me on my right. The seats between us were empty. Finally, I threw my paper down on one seat and said I simply wasn't going to recite today; I wasn't ready and I wasn't going to walk up on the stage and make a fool of myself in front of everyone. I told the teacher I would recite another time, but I simply wasn't going to do it today.

Meanwhile the woman on my left and I were sitting closer and closer so that our bodies were actually touching. She had light brown hair and was quite attractive. And she also seemed to be very intelligent. I wondered if she could like someone like me. At first I thought not; but then for some reason I thought about how she reminded me some of Peggy; Peggy used to like me. it might be possible for this woman to like me.

In fact, the woman seemed quite comfortable sitting here beside me. Finally our hands touched and we slipped our fingers into each others. I was wearing a sweater which was half covering my hand. The woman pulled the sweater up so she could better hold my hand. Obviously she liked being with me, and I felt quite comfortable with her.

There was a problem here: Carolina was on my mind. I wondered what it would be like if I started seeing this woman while I was still seeing Carolina – to see both at the same time. I doubted that would be a good idea. Maybe I should just tell this woman about Carolina; I didn't know what she would say.

I did know that I enjoyed being with this woman; I would like to see more of her. I wondered if she had ever had sex. I would imagine she had, since she was 23 years old. However, it was difficult for me to imagine her having sex.

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