Dream of: 20 February 1989 (2) "Car For Sale"

While walking down the street, I noticed a white car which had a sign on the back of it saying it was for sale for $130. The car appeared to be in very good condition. I could see the engine, which appeared very large, as if it had come from a truck. I looked inside and it appeared clean and in very good shape. I immediately decided I would try to buy it.

The owner (a stout man probably in his late 40s) stepped up and I told him I wanted to buy the car. He was interested and said we would simply have to determine the price. Looking at the price on the window, I saw that I was mistaken before, because the last number appears to have been smudged out. The price on the car must have been actually $1,300. I considered just backing out of the deal, but then I decided I would make an offer anyway. I told the man I would pay him $700 for the car. He thought a moment and then said he would take it. I thought I had made a good deal.

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