Dream of: 20 February 1989 "Endangered Dream Disks"

I was sleeping (in what appeared to be either a college dormitory room or a motel room) with three other fellows, who seemed as if they might be Ramey, Anderson and Hurley. I awakened in the night because my feet were cold, and I got out of bed to see where the cold was coming from. I discovered some small cracks in the walls and after locating a tube of white caulking, I applied it to the crannys. I also saw a rather large hole in the wall up over my head, and I pumped the caulking into it. The wall appeared to be hollow on the other side of the hole, and the caulking just fell down.

Suddenly I noticed a small flame shooting out of the hole. It began to grow, and I thought the caulking must have fallen on an electric wire inside the hole and caught fire. I ran to a sink to get a glass of water to pour on the fire. I also began screaming at the others to get up to help me. No one seemed to pay any attention to me and I had to run back and forth myself getting the water.


I was standing outside the building where the fire had started. The room in which I had been was perhaps on the twentieth floor of the tall building. Looking up, I could see flames shooting out of the building. I knew I needed to get back up there, because my little box of computer disks which held my dreams were in the room. I couldn't let those burn up.


I was standing in the doorway of the room and firemen were scurrying about putting out the fire. Apparently they had arrived in time and not much damage had been done by the fire, although there seemed to be considerable water damage. I thought the caulking needed to be retrieved to prove that it was unsafe and that it had been the cause of the fire.

My main concern was to retrieve my box of disks with my dreams. Unfortunately the firemen didn't want me to go into the room. However, when one of them was distracted, I slipped into the room and I found my dream disks.

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