Dream of: 18 February 1989 "No Way Out"

I was facing possible disbarment as a lawyer, apparently due to something concerning Louise, perhaps because I had had sex with her. Both Louise and I had written short advertisement-size articles in some kind of legal newspaper, and I realized the articles contained incriminating matter. I determined to change the articles. I went to the place where the newspapers were to be published. The place seemed like a school. I successfully substituted new articles for the old ones and the new ones were subsequently published in the newspaper.

Afterwards I was called before a bespeckled man (probably in his late 50s) sitting behind a desk. He seemed like a professor, a judge and my employer all together. He questioned me about the article and he finally asked me about a name of someone whom I had included in the article. He pointed out that at the time I was supposed to have written the article, I had only known the initials of the person's name, yet in the article I had written the entire name. I immediately saw that he was correct and that I had made a fatal mistake. He dismissed me without requiring that I explain the discrepancy. But clearly I would have to come up with an explanation or face the consequences.

I thought about it a long time and realized I had no defense. I knew Louise likewise would probably be found out. Plus another fellow apparently had discovered what I had done; but he hadn't yet said anything. He likewise was now apparently facing disciplinary procedures, although not as stringent as mine would be.

I walked into a room which was apparently my office. Terence (a Dallas attorney) walked in and wanted to know what was going to happen to me. I told him that there was no way out and that I was going to be fired. I told him I was going to begin packing my belongings.

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