Dream of: 16 February 1989 "Equus"

I was riding a bicycle and pulled up to a mailbox which seemed to be on the corner of a street in Portsmouth where the city graveyard and a funeral home were, although I didn't notice either of them at the moment. I was carrying a packet which contained some things of my mother's. I happened to notice there were some letters in the packet which my mother apparently had written several months ago and never mailed. It looked as if she had written them while she had been on vacation somewhere. One letter appeared to be for me and I began reading it. But after reading it a while I realized it was for a brother of hers named Cal Collier. It was very long, perhaps 30 pages. Although it had been written several months ago, I decided to mail it for her anyway.

I was riding along on a bicycle and had picked up a young girl who was riding on the cross bar with me. It was difficult to tell what her age was, but she was probably around 14 years old. She had blond hair and was extremely beautiful. We didn't have any kind of relationship, but I felt as if we had known each other for a long time and as if I were very attached to her.

We were in a small, curious town, apparently somewhere in West Virginia. It was a pleasant day outside, and I began riding my bike down a high hill. At the top of the hill there was apparently some kind of college around which the town seemed centered. The streets and buildings of the town seemed to radiate out from this college, all going downhill. And it was a high hill indeed, as I realized as I began going down.

I had gone several blocks down the hill, when I realized I had left my eyeglasses somewhere back up on top. I really should have them while I drove the bicycle. But I figured it was too late to turn around and go back up now. I tried to remember where I had left them and at first thought it must have been in a restaurant. But then I decided it must have been in the school library where I had been doing some work.

We stopped the bicycle for a moment and then heard someone calling for us. I then saw a fellow come running after us down the hill, and I waited until he reached us. He was carrying a jacket which I had also left on top of the hill, and was also carrying something for the girl. Obviously he was attracted to the girl. That didn't surprise me. She was so beautiful, I figured everyone was attracted to her. I didn't want to stay around him and I rather rudely told him we must be going. I pulled out.

My feelings for this girl were very strong. I knew she was too young for me, but I simply couldn't resist her. She was about the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and I loved being with her. And I could tell that she liked being with me. I even thought it was possible that we would stay together.

As we had been riding, suddenly we found ourselves inside a large, old, well-kept house. I pushed one door open, thinking that it led on farther down the hill. But just as I opened the door, there was a painfully loud bang. It took me a moment to recover, before I realized that directly behind the door was an old fashioned camera which someone had set up to flash and take a picture of whoever came through the door. Behind the camera was a high stairway leading upstairs.

Suddenly a rather eccentric-looking woman probably in her mid 30s appeared on the stairs. She quickly went to the camera and apparently recovered the film of the picture which had just been taken. I spoke to her and expressed a desire to have a copy of the picture. She said it would take about an hour. I asked the girl and she said she had to get home to her mother, but she thought she could wait another hour. I thought it was interesting that the girl and I should have stumbled onto this place where we could have our pictures taken, because we were both interested in photography.

I then picked up a piece of paper which had a list of movies on it. The movies appeared quite interesting and apparently were art movies. I asked the woman, who was still on the stairs, about it. I learned that movies were apparently shown in the house on certain days. It was apparently some kind of art house. One of the movies was named "Enuus," although I thought it was actually "Equus." I had seen the movie before and knew that it was quite good. I would like to see it again. I asked the girl about it and she also seemed interested.

I commented to her how strange that in the whole town we would just happen to stumble into this place which has something like this to offer us. But it seemed to me that the whole town was arts-oriented. And it seemed as if it would be a nice place to live. I suggested to the girl that the two of us might settle down here. She seemed to think she would like to settle down with me. I felt very happy with the idea, even though I knew it might not be the most practical thing to do to settle down with the girl.

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