Dream of: 13 February 1989 "Snakes In A Hole"

I went up to visit the Cabin, although the place also seemed somehow different from the Gallia County Farm. My step-grandfather Clarence and my grandmother Mabel (who only seemed perhaps in their 50s) were with me. We all started heading down the hill to leave the Cabin, when I told them I was planning to stay up here. They didn't seem to mind.

It was dusk and we had all just passed through a wire fence. We had a flashlight and I asked them to leave it with me so I would have some light. But as they walked on down the hill, I realized they were also going to need some light and I would need to accompany them with the light to the bottom of the hill. Actually I wasn't sure I wanted to stay in the Cabin tonight anyway.

I could also see some light from the bottom of the hill and they did, too. I heard them saying that the light looked as if it were coming from the truck. The light changed red and I thought it must be the rear lights of the truck which we were now seeing.

Meanwhile I kept looking for the flashlight which had been left near the gate. I could see its light but it took me a long time to locate it. I found a very small flashlight in the weeds and I turned it on, but it didn't ' not give much light. So I kept looking at the light of the other larger flashlight until I finally figured out where it was. I walked over to where the light seemed to be coming from and I saw that the light had fallen down into a rather large hole. I reached my hand down in the hole to retrieve the light.

But just as I pulled the flashlight out of the hole, I saw something move down at the bottom and I thought it must be a snake. I stood up and continued peering down into the hole. I was astounded to see all the earth at the bottom of the hole and then along the sides of the hole begin to move. I finally saw some bodies of some snakes coming out of the bottom of the hole. I took off running toward Clarence and Mabel, and I seemed to feel one of the snakes around my feet. But I didn't stop until I reached my grandparents. I immediately blurted out what I had just witnessed and they said there were probably 50-60 snakes down in that hole. I fully agreed with them.

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