Dream of: 12 February 1989 "Concentrating On Writing"

I was in the House in Patriot, where my mother and my sister were now living. Tomorrow I was planning to leave for Mexico, where I planned to visit my good Dallas friend Eloise. When I left, I was planning to go in a wagon train which had about 1,000 wagons. I had already called the leader of the wagon train to inform him I would be traveling with him.

When I thought about it, perhaps traveling by wagon train wouldn't be the best. I wanted to cross the country in just a day or two; but it might take the wagon train months. Perhaps I should fly.

I walked upstairs, where I found three rooms, one of which was quite small. It was where my sister was staying. The thought came to mind that I might just stay there in Patriot. My sister could stay in another room and I could sequester myself in her little room. Then I could spend my time writing. What I really needed to do was just write until I finished a book of dreams, and then concentrate on having it published. If I went to Mexico, in six months time I would be out of money and would have to come back and work with my father. I hated doing that. If I stayed in Patriot, it would cost practically nothing and I could completely concentrate on writing and dreaming. If it became hot in the little room, I could hook up an air conditioner. Of course another option was that after my money ran out in six months in Mexico, I could begin teaching English. I could survive doing that.

I felt quite at home there in Patriot. It seemed to have something to do with going back to the place of my birth. But when I thought of it, I would feel even more at home on the Gallia County Farm. There I could go to my Cabin. Yes, there I could concentrate fully on writing dreams with practically no interruptions, and once I had completed a book, I could concentrate on the task of having it published. It seemed the time had come for me to do that.

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