Dream of: 08 February 1989 (2) "La Mente Pudre"

I was driving along in a car; Birdie (about 30 years old) was sitting with me in the front seat. She seemed quite beautiful. Although she was physically attractive, I had some serious doubts about what kind of person she really was; I was uncertain I wanted to be with her. We had only recently begun seeing each other again, and I was unsure I wanted to continue seeing her; but I didn't know how to explain that to her.

The radio was on and had been playing for quite a while. Suddenly I reached over and turned it off. What a relief. I was really getting tired of listening to it, especially since it was in English. I knew Birdie was fluent in Spanish and I told her she could turn on a Spanish station if she wanted. I then spoke with her in Spanish.

We were on our way to the wedding of one of her younger brothers, and she had been telling me a story about how she had acquired money for the wedding. I wasn't entirely clear where the money had came from, but I had the feeling the money was somehow obtained illegitimately. She mentioned the figure $600 and then also mentioned something about the cakes and sweets costing $1,500.

We arrived at the house where the wedding was to take place, apparently where Birdie was living with her family. After we had climbed out of the car, I wanted to tell her something about the kind of things I suspected she had been doing and I said, "La mente pudre."

I was trying to tell her that that kind of thing caused the mind to rot; but she replied, "La mente no pudre."

She then bustled about in a hurry to complete preparations for the wedding. I asked her which of her two younger brothers was getting married, and she told me the youngest one. She began hurrying off, and I called out to her, "Louise. Louise. Louise."

Realizing I had called her Louise by mistake, I called out, "Birdie. Birdie. Birdie."

She went on and I didn't know whether she heard me. I thought about the similarities in the names "Louise" and "Birdie," and I thought it was no wonder I had made the mistake.

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