Dream of: 08 February 1989 "Watching A Trial"

I was in judge Schwille's court in Dallas, where I was getting ready to have my "motion to suppress" evidence heard by the judge. I had a number of papers which I needed to give to the judge, when I realized I hadn't yet filed them with the clerk or had them file-marked yet.

After filing the papers, I gave copies to both the judge and the two prosecuting attorneys, who were already seated at the table in front of the judge's bench. I told them I was ready, but then I looked around and realized my client, Mr. Kennedy, wasn't yet there. I remembered Ms. Bush (another legal client) was supposed to bring him today, but I likewise didn't see Ms. Bush there. I told the prosecutors that my client wasn't yet there, and they seemed unconcerned because they apparently were going to try another case first.

I hoped Kennedy and Bush showed up, because if they didn't, Kennedy's bond would be forfeited and if he were rearrested, someone would have to pay for a new bond.


I had sat down in the gallery section of Schwille's court next to a woman (probably in her early 20s). A trial was going on and she seemed interested in it. I began putting on my shoes, and in the process I let my hands bump against the young woman's legs. She didn't seem to mind, and since I found her quite attractive, I became more and more brazen with where I let my hand touch, even finally caressing her between the legs.

Finally I noticed one of the pants legs of the blue jeans she was wearing had somehow been pulled up all the way to the top of her thigh. I could even see her panties. I thought about what it would be like to simply stick my fingers under her panties and into her vagina. I thought she would let me.

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